Friday, June 4, 2010

Stunt Baby

A Buick clipped the sidewalk in front of me careening on two wheels.  A baby in a soiled diaper clung to the open car door swinging wide toward me, terrified eyes wide, toes clutching the air parallel to the ground. He let go and flew.  I caught him, midair.

*This was just some fun fiction in 50 words.  With all my usual wordy bloviation, this was good discipline!


  1. Dear Linnnn,
    I started 101 words following your example and now you're saying fifty????!!! Arrrgh!

    Seriously, this is the start of a short story. Riveting!

    Ann T.

  2. Scariest 50 words I've read today!! Good stuff momma!!

  3. My mouth was wide open...fabulous!

  4. If I were the catcher in the story, more that the baby's diaper would be soiled.

    I can't do a grocery list in less that 50 words.


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