Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cats Just Want To Eat Us

At first, the cat perched on her head “making biscuits” seemed of little import. Kind of cute actually. The sweet-faced Siamese cat crouched on the back of the recliner, eyes closed in feline concentration.

She worked on The Girl’s blonde teenage scalp like an Asian masseuse, purring and flexing her paws with pleasure. She applied her wash cloth raspy tongue, teasing The Girl’s salty ocean-kissed mermaid hair into a stiff peak whilst the subject of her ministrations dozed below.

We all watched in bemused horror as the cat casually gnawed a hank of the hair completely off.

The cat smiled triumphantly.


  1. *This was an open call challenge I did for Open Salon where we were dared to tell something compelling in only 101 words. So much fun crafting a good yarn with limitations! By the way, true story - the hank of hair was nearly 8 inches long and The Girl sports a upright "fan" of hair that perks up on top of her head like a quail's comb! My sis-in-law Priscilla peed she laughed so hard when it happened.

  2. Dear Linnnn,
    I am going to try a 101 word post . . . should be excruciating for someone of my temperament, but a good discipline.

    My BoyCat likes to comb my hair but he'd better not eat any of it!

    Not Siamese, which somehow I think is significant,

    Ann T.


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