Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Such a Sucker I Am

Red Shoes did it again.  Another quiz.  I must have a soft spot for smart ass marginally pervy guys from Mississippi who play guitar and blog about tornadoes.  Or, I am becoming unnaturally narcissistic.  And no one likes a narcissist so...I blame shoes.

I am to tell seven (7) things formerly unknown to y'all about myself in order to earn the Versatile Blogger Award depicted above.  (See it glowing?)

Ironically, though, upon mulling it over, I have discovered seven (7) potential post  topics I have not thought of before.  So thanks, shoes, for shaking the tree.  Good  fruit fell out.

1.  I had a pet skunk.

2.  My second toe is longer than my big toe.

3.  I was impaled in the arm by a flying carpentry nail.  No nail gun involved.

4.  Witnessed a car accident with driver ejected.  Held the victim's wound shut until paramedics showed up. 

5.  Slept in Mickey Mouse's bed.

6.  Had beers with Dennis Hopper.

7.  Danced with Ted Bundy.

Again, I am a lazy girl, so you ALL may abscond with earn the Versatile Blogger Award if you tell us in my comments, or your own blog, seven (7) juicy pervy formerly unknown things about yourself. 


  1. Hey, that 2d Toe thing is hot, I mean, has been associated with Pancreatic Cancer, please post a pic (Of your Toes, not your Pancreas) so I can be sure. Thanks!

    1: Sometimes I forget my middle name.

    2: I can predict what day of the week any future date will fall in, even thousands of years in the future, sort of like in "Rainman"

    3: Went out with a one legged woman

    4: Jerked off while driving(I call it "Multi Tasking")

    thats it...but I have to ask...
    What was Ted Bundy LIKE?????


  2. Thanks, Linnnn!

    WOW!!! You drank beer with Dennis Hopper?!?!? I visited Taos once... and hoped just to accidentally run into him along the way...

    And danced with Ted Bundy??? He's not related to Al Bundy... right??? ;o

    As for Frank up above, I hope he's wrong about the 2nd toe thing... mine is longer as well...


  3. hmmm. thrown out of the infield at the Indy 500.This is difficult. (underage drinking ) combined with dancing on top of a motor home to Aerosmith's "Walk this Way" with some strippers.

    2. Dated a lawyer.

    3. Dated a lawyer who owned a "gentlemen's" club (didn't know this at the time of dating).

    4. Got pulled over with 7 of the WWF wresting midgets in my car. They were drunk and staying at the hotel where I worked, had to drive them back to their hotel, rolled through a stop-sign.

    5. Had a cat named Mildew

    6. Snuck a bottle of peppermint schnapps & a little pot to the youth group confirmation retreat

    7. Was a the county champion barrel racer when I was a teenager.

    and just to keep up, I too have a long 2nd toe.

  4. Frank: Two more for you or no award!
    Edith: Schapps and pot at a religious retreat? You are one of my kind! You get award!

  5. I am so glad my 2nd toes are shorter than my big toe!

    1. Someone kidnapped my dog on Christmas Eve.
    2. I was 50 before I got drunk. First and last time.
    3. I was 50 before I smoked pot, and only once.
    4. I've never had a broken bone.
    5. I used to go to strip clubs with Reggie and once a stripper greased up my glasses with her sweaty breasts.
    6. I bought a hot tub for my 50th birthday and although there have been lots of tub parties, no one ever wore clothing in my tub.
    7. Looks like I never lived till I was 50. I'm 59 now and planning for next year!

  6. Charlene: You get an Award! Congrats! Those milestone birthdays will surely light a fire under one's butt, won't they?

  7. 5: "Accidently" hit on my hot 19 year old Cousin at a Christmas party.
    6: "Accidently" made out with my hot 19 year old Cousin at a Christmas Party
    7: Hit a Homerun in an actual California Interscholastic Federation Baseball Game, April 1978, Righty, Fastball, 3-0 count, over the Jack-in-the-box sign in right field.


  8. Dr. Drack SCORES!!! And the crowd goes wild! The award is yours!

    My cousins, who always crushed on me, were twins. Now that's confusing.

  9. You did WHAT with Ted Bundy?? Holy cow, I need to hear that story!

    Seven things about me that you don't know:

    1. I have a german shepherd named Riley, and two cats named Maddie and Max.

    2. My cat, Max, talks. He says out when he wants out.

    3. I live in house that's over 100 years old and has been in my family for 65 years.

    4. I have two brothers and three sisters.

    5. I work for a public safety department at a small university. Can you say 'babysitter'?

    6. I've never been married nor do I desire to be.

    7. I have conversations going on in my head that I'm not part of... no, it's not what you think. I write, therefore I plot. All the time.

    Bundy? Really?


  10. Wow, that is an interesting seven! Congrats on the award!


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